New Physicians

We are growing once again...

 We are pleased to announce the addition of three new physicians at our Centre:


Dr. Elmira Dadmarzi - Family Physician 

 We are pleased to announce that Dr. Dadmarzi is starting her family practice at Glazier Medical Centre on a full time basis.  Dr. Dadmarzi will be taking new patients.  For an appointment with Dr. Dadmarzi, please contact our central booking department at extension 521.  


Dr. Sunil Bhalla - Internal Medicine

Dr Sunil Bhalla has a broad skill set with training and experience in General Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Sleep Medicine.  He has trained abroad and in Canada and has board certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons as well as the American board of internal medicine.  

His interests include but are not limited to HTN, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, benign hematology, pre-operative assessments and offering supportive care for all adult complex medical cases to the family physicians in the area.   

His unique blend of training and experience allows him to offer something to most clinical scenarios.  

For a referral to Dr. Bhalla, please see your family physician.


 Dr. John Callow - Family Physician 

 Dr Callow comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Dr. Callow had a full time practice at Glazier Medical Centre a few years ago and took a leave to be a hospitalist at Lakeridge Heatlh Corporation, Oshawa.  He continued to care for some of his elderly patients, on a part-time basis at the Centre while fulfilling his full time duties as the hospital.

 We are now pleased to announce that Dr. Callow will be returning to Glazier Medical Centre on a full time basis.  Dr. Callow willl be taking over the practice of the recently retired Dr. Quinn, as well as his own patients.    Dr. Callow will also be expanding his practice to include new patients.  

 For an appointment with Dr. Callow, please contact his receptionist Debbie at extension 523.  

Phone Directory

The Centre has recently made some changes to its phone system.

Our main line is 905-579-1212. If you know your physicians extension, you can dial it immediately. A list of extensions can be found on our website, at the information booth at the Centre and in all the waiting rooms.

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