Medical Exemptions from COVID-19 Vaccination

The physicians at Glazier Medical Centre strongly advise that all our patients who are age-eligible, be vaccinated against COVID-19.  We are seeing that the fourth wave of COVID-19 is predominately affecting unvaccinated persons. Ontario‚Äôs chief medical officer says that unvaccinated persons are 8 times more likely to catch COVID-19, 29 times more likely to end up in hospital and 48 times more likely to require ICU care. The medical evidence is clear that the benefits of vaccination strongly outweigh the risks.  Given this, we strongly support the vaccination effort to bring an end to this global pandemic. 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons has advised us that medical exemptions, to the COVID-19 vaccination, can only be given in the following circumstances:

"Generally speaking, there are very few acceptable medical exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccination (e.g., an allergist/immunologist-confirmed severe allergy or anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of a COVID-19 vaccine or to any of its components that cannot be mitigated; a diagnosed episode of myocarditis/pericarditis after receipt of an mRNA vaccine)". Letters for such exemptions may only be written by your allergist or cardiologist.  Therefore, we will not be providing medical exemptions to our patients who do not meet the above criteria. 

We would also like to remind patients who may be disappointed by this, that we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abusive language or behaviour toward our physicians and staff. We ask that respectful language and behaviour be used in discussions around this policy, or we will be forced to terminate the physician-patient relationship. We appreciate that it is a challenging time for everyone and look forward to working with you to end this pandemic.

Physicians at Glazier Medical Centre