Medical Records

In 1999, the Glazier Medical Centre made the decision to move the Centre into the 21st century with a state of the art computer system which looks after virtually all aspects of patient records. This is known as a full Electronic Medical Record or EMR. All patients' data including doctors notes, appointment schedules, lab results, x-ray and ultrasound results as well as prescription records are kept on the computer hard drives and are available to any doctor that sees you in our clinic. This data is not available to outside sources and a security trail is formed every time your record file is opened so that your record will only be available to medical staff within the clinic.

The advantages to patients of an EMR are:

  • All your data is available to doctors working in urgent care
  • Laboratory results are quickly and reliably available
  • All doctors are aware of your regular medications prescribed by doctors in Glazier Medical Centre including potential duplications or drug interactions
  • All doctors are aware of your recorded allergies
  • All doctors have access to the local hospital computer system
  • Records including prescriptions are recorded in a clear and legible manner