Urgent Care

Updated - June 10, 2022

The walk-in clinic has resumed it's pre-pandemic services.   Appointments will be in-person including prescription renewals and referrals.  Please note our hours of operation.       

Patients with COVID-19 like symptoms will be offered a telephone consultation first and if needed will be invited in for an in-person visit.


The Glazier Medical Centre Urgent Care department provides services to the community seven days a week. Individuals who are experiencing a non-emergency situation may wish to use the Urgent Care department.

Appointments are available on a walk-in basis with two general practitioners during the day and one in the evening and weekends working out of the department for patients who do not have a family physician or whose family doctor is unavailable. A nurse is also available to assist the physician.

The Urgent Care department covers overflow and time off from the Clinic's own practices plus provides a valuable service for the entire community. The department is connected to the Clinic's medical computer system including integrated electronic medical records. Patients of Glazier Medical Centre doctors are encouraged to use our Urgent Care to guarantee the continuity of their medical records.

Waiting time will be determined by patient numbers and cases.

Please present your Health Card to the receptionist prior to seeing a physician. Other non-OHIP covered fees may be charged with your visit.

Emergency situations should be directed to the Emergency Department at the hospital.

Narcotics will not be prescribed through the Urgent Care department.