Patient Appointments

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making an appointment with your health care provider.

1. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care requires that you bring a valid health card to each office visit. Your OHIP Card is checked by the reception staff upon your arrival. This allows the staff to ensure you have valid health coverage and that your contact information remains up-to-date.

2. Advise the reception staff of any changes to your contact information including;

  • Name change
  • Address change
  • Phone number change or additions (eg. Cell phone number, work number,etc.)
  • Re-Issued health card (eg. New version code, new expiry date, etc.)

3. Check the expiry date on your card and arrange for a new one before it expires.

4. You must notify the OHIP office if your card is lost, stolen, if you have changed your address or if your card has expired.

To book online

Some of our family physicians offer online appointment booking for their own family practice patients.   Please go to the directory page to see if your provider offers this service.

To book an appointment call

Central Booking Service
Call 905-579-1212 Press 1

Central Booking is open the following hours:
Monday to Thursday – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Fridays 8:00 am to 4:30  pm

Some of our physicians use a centralized appointment booking service. This allows the patients to book appointments, even if the physician's office is closed. The following physicians utilize this service. 

Family Physicians

  • Dr. Amuthan
  • Dr. Bolger  - (online booking offered)
  • Dr. Callow
  • Dr. Chopra - (retired see Dr. Safdar)
  • Dr. Dadmarzi
  • Dr. D'Mello
  • Dr. Dukic - (online booking offered)  
  • Dr. Durrani
  • Dr. Hadisfar
  • Dr. Hanna
  • Dr. Iqbal
  • Dr. Marinova
  • Dr. Mohammadi
  • Dr. Murugesupillai
  • Dr. Okwor
  • Dr. Parray
  • Dr. Rangarajan
  • Dr. Ranganathan
  • Dr. Safdar
  • Dr. Sivaharan

Please be advised that when you call in for an appointment, you will be placed in the queue. Although our friendly and knowledgeable co-ordinators do their best to schedule appointments quickly, certain times tend to be busier and thus a small waiting period may be necessary. Please note that Monday mornings and lunch times are our busiest times and the wait may be longer during these peak hours.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please follow the same procedures.

The following physicians do not use the central booking services. To make an appointment with these physicians call 905-579-1212.

When the automated attendant answers, please press the following extensions:

  • Dr. Bhalla - ext 595
  • Dr. Ali -ext 552
  • Dr. Craig - ext 555
  • Dr. Ho  - ext 505
  • Dr. Khorassanizadeh - ext 559
  • Dr. Mutungi - ext 562
  • Dr. Murtada - ext 514
  • Dr. Wiggers - ext 575

The list of office extensions may also be found in the physician directory.


To reach our Departments please call 905-579-1212. When the automated attendant answers, please press the following extensions:

  • Cardiac Assessments ( Stress Testing, Holters) - extension: 240
  • Nurses Station - extension: 533